Canadian Truckers Message to Trudeau, Resign and Remove All Mandates,
Run'in From Covid! Episode 3
No Safety Data? No Problem!
Now who's the "conspiracy theorist"?? Vaccination Passports "a mere certainty"
"Journalist" Calls For Someone He Doesn't Agree With To Be Jailed (MIRROR)
Elder Scrolls Online - Sabaton - Resist And Bite
PSYOP vs. Covid 1984: You Can't Say The People Have Spoken. You Can Say The People Have Felt. (Clip)
Cat Shows Who's Boss of the Beds
a Judge and Larry the mall cop

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How the US and UK tried to justify the invasion of Iraq

Al Jazeera 2023-03-19

On March 20, 2003, the United States led a coalition that launched a fully-fledged invasion of Iraq, closely supported by the United Kingdom The case it had made for invading the Middle Eastern nation was built on three basic premises: that the regime of Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (WMD); that it was developing more of them to...

Biden urges ‘accountability’ for executives of failed banks

Al Jazeera 2023-03-17

Washington, DCUnited States President Joe Biden has called on Congress to tighten regulations to enable “accountability” for executives of failed banks that have been rescued by the government. In a statement on Friday, Biden said leaders of banks that collapse “due to mismanagement and excessive risk taking” should face fines and bans from...

‘I came here to escape’: Toronto tackles caste-based discrimination in schools

The Guardian 2023-03-17

Activists hopeful as Canada’s largest school district takes first step towards banning caste discrimination When Vijay Puli arrived in Toronto with his wife and baby daughter, he thought they had finally left behind the discrimination, violence and social rejection they had faced in India. Puli...

NDP calls on federal government to make caregiver credit a refundable tax benefit

North Shore News 2023-03-16

OTTAWA — New Democrats are calling on the federal government to follow through with its promise to make a tax credit for caregivers a refundable benefit. NDP MP Bonita...

Police say suspect in deadly shooting of 2 Edmonton officers killed himself

Moosejaw Today 2023-03-16

Edmonton police say two officers were shot and killed while responding to a family dispute at an apartment complex and it's believed the suspect killed himself. Police Chief Dale McFee said Const. Travis Jordan, 35, and Const. Brett Ryan, 30, were shot by a man as they entered the building in the city's northwest...

Two dead and nine injured after truck hits pedestrians in Quebec

Irish Independent 2023-03-14

Two men have died after a pickup truck ploughed into pedestrians beside a road in the eastern Quebec town of Amqui. A provincial police spokeswoman said nine other people were injured, including two whose injuries are considered serious.Sergeant Helene St-Pierre said the 38-year-old driver, a local resident, turned...

Avalanche Canada Releases Details on BC Avalanche That Killed Three Germans

The Epoch Times 2023-03-12

INVERMERE, B.C.Avalanche Canada has released more details about the deadly avalanche that killed...

Canada bans Russian steel, aluminum imports as Joly raises 'regime change' in Moscow

Moosejaw Today 2023-03-10

OTTAWA — Canada is banning the import of Russian steel and aluminum as part of its sanctions regime, as Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly raises the possibility of regime change in Moscow. Joly made the remarks at a Friday press conference where she discussed the importance of maintaining a diplomatic presence in...

New useful molecule named after Keanu Reeves

Blitz 2023-03-09

March 9 - BLiTZ. German scientists in honor of the Canadian actor and director Keanu Reeves named the drug to fight the fungus,...

Canadian man accused of throwing gravel at Justin Trudeau pleads guilty

Reuters 2023-03-08

March 7 (Reuters) - A man accused of throwing gravel at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the 2021 election campaign pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a charge of common assault, prosecutors and his lawyer said. Trudeau was hit by a handful of gravel in 2021 while on the campaign trail as he made his way past a crowd shouting their...

Is New York City helping its homeless or hiding them?

Al Jazeera 2023-03-06

New York City is the wealthiest city in the United States, by some counts, in the world. But after three years of pandemic, it has yet to build back better: rents are skyrocketing,...

Canada has blood on its hands: Ottawa’s role in the Syria war exposed

Free West Media 2023-03-06

While most Canadians would prefer to think of themselves as free of constraint from U.S. foreign policy, still history will show that most often Canada’s foreign policy is a mirror image of the US. Canada has blood on its hands in Syria. Canadian intelligence would have provided its government with the facts concerning the Syrian uprising in Deraa...

Trudeau says appointing Indigenous RCMP commissioner is an 'excellent idea'

North Shore News 2023-03-03

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says having an Indigenous person serve as the next commissioner of the RCMP is "an excellent idea." He made the comment in response...

Powerful Solar storm has unusually strong impact on Earth, delays SpaceX rocket launch, stalls oil rigs in Canada

Sott 2023-03-01

A powerful solar storm that swept across Earth on Monday (Feb. 27) forced SpaceX to delay a Starlink launch from Florida and temporarily disrupted...

Canada’s Justin Trudeau denies report that his party was warned to drop candidate over China ties

South China Morning Post 2023-02-27

Liberal politician Han Dong, who is Chinese-Canadian, went on to win a seat as a member of parliament in 2019 and was re-elected in 2021. ......